Quality assured supply

CERELAB, with 30 years of experience on the food market and always a pioneer, offers a solid and reliable tool for the Food Industry: the Assured Quality Supply Program – QAF.

The Assured Quality of Supply – QAF is a formal commitment of the Raw Material and Ingredient Supplier of the Industry and Food Retail, ensuring its products are supplied with:

  •  Desired quality;
  •  Desired services;
  •  Appropriate prices.

The Assure Quality of Supply – QAF is a powerful auxiliary tool to the Food Industry for:

  • Ensuring the Quality of Raw Materials or Proprietary / Exclusive Brand Products;
  • Reduce Losses and Costs in the production chain;
  • Increase Logistic Flexibility;
  • Improve the Relationship and Interaction between Industry and Suppliers;
  • Ensure relative security in agreed price maintenance.

In order to implement the QAF Program, CERELAB relies on highly qualified professionals staff who, is this case of gain and safety, can provide the Technical-Analytical support in all stages of the QAF process to our Partner Clients, with participation in:

  • Strategic planning for the selection of Raw Materials or Private / Exclusive Brand products and potential Suppliers;
  • Applying Quality Diagnostics to Selected Suppliers;
  • Joint development of the “Assured Quality of Supply – QAF” Program;
  • Analytical Supplier Monitoring;
  • System Maintenance with periodic re-evaluation and redirection.

Come visit us and we will make a customized presentation at your Company about the Assured Quality Supply Program – QAF and all its advantages.

The target products of MAPA Official Programs will not be attended, in compliance with IN 57/2013, Art. 50.