International Trade

CERELAB has professionals specialized in fullfilment of the Technical Standards and Analyzes, focused on International Trade to meet the requirements of current legislation on the release and commercialization of its products.

CERELAB has the technology to perform Analyzes, complying with Brazilian legislation, with greater efficiency and faster delivery of results by eletronic means, reducing stocking time to release and commercialize its products in the domestic market.

CERELAB Client Manual

Within the client support, CERELAB elaborates the CERELAB Client Manual for imported products, suitable to the Quality Politics of its company and to the current legislation. When there isn’t a specific legislation to a particular product, CERELAB recommend the analizes and control parameters to your type of business.

CERELAB Client Manual Offers:

a. Parameters of analysis of the imported products categories, in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation, such as:

  • Liquid Category: Wines, General Drinks and Juices;
  • Grocery Category: Canned Preserves (lupines, olives, sardines, tuna, Tomato products) Chocolate drinks, Biscuits and others;
  • Meat and Poultry Category: Red Meat, Swine, Poultry and other;
  • Fish Category: Cold Salmon, Salted Cod, Frozen Fish;
  • Fresh Fruits Category: Medlar, Plum, Kiwi and others;
  • Dried Fruit Category: Raisin, Almonds, Walnuts, Apricot, Plums and others;

b. Standards for sending samples to CERELAB.


Control and Monitoring Analysis

Consist of scheduled and periodic analyzes of imported products in order to create a history of products and suppliers, taking into account the inspection and legislation in force.

CERELAB offers to its partners-clients indicators adapted to their needs based on the results obtained from monthly samples analysis, through an Analytical Report and Evaluation Chart and Trend this information will assist the client in Technical Management – selection and developing of its suppliers and Commercial Management – imported products purchasing decision making.

Specific Training

CERELAB counts with a support area formed by a staff of professionals trained to provide Technical on site or distance Training (e-learning) regarding its products or services to our partners-clients. 

The target products of MAPA Official Programs will not be attended, in compliance with IN 57/2013, Art. 50.