Food Microscopy is a quality control area that aims to evaluate the hygienic-sanitary conditions of production and product storage.

In accordance with the presented components on labels and its histological identification, it is an  importante tool to verify fraud or possible alterations in food.

In cases of foreign matter in food, it is not only an extremely recommended analysis due to its precise identification, but through photographs performed during the whole verification process of it at CERELAB, it evidence “visually” to people the result encountered compared to a standard. It is a widely used analysis in cases of Client Service.

Microscopic Examination

  • Mites
  • Insect fragments
  • Impurities
  • Number of Black Points
  • Rodent, Human and Animal Hair
  • Bat hair
  • Bird feather
  • Insects Egg Research
  • Larva pulp
  • Dirt in General

Histological Analysis

  • Identification of Histological Elements
  • Fraud Identification