Vegetable Classification

The classification of Wheat Flour is based on the interpretation of assay results of Normative Instruction Nº 8, of 06/02/2005, of MAPA – Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Supply.

Normative Instruction Nº 49, of 12/22/2006, of MAPA – Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Supply, approves the Technical Regulation on the Identity and Quality of Refined Vegetable Oils, Sampling, Complementary Procedures and the Refined Vegetable Oils Classification Roadmap. 

CERELAB is accredited to perform physical-chemical analysis on Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oils and Black Pepper for classification purposes.

 For Wheat Flour and Vegetable Oil products, CERELAB is also accredited to Classify according to Ordinance Nº 209 of 12/09/2008.