100% Online

The Portal 100% Online is a system based on Web 2.0 technology.

It is with this technology, present in most large sites, that you are able to access the CERELAB system.

It is a website of Services available to CERELAB clients with a contract, that offers technical, administrative and commercial consultation.

It aims to consult the results of the analyzes carried out on the samples sent by Laboratory, indicating its results status and allowing the access to the informatives of the already concluded data in PDF version – Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 8 or later.

Due to the partnership and the analytical monitoring contracted, CERELAB offers its Contract Clients:

– The performance of laboratory analyzes in urgent systems, by sending the results by e-mail;


– The Client’s Manual, presented in a personalized manner, containing the legislation in force regarding the industry, specifications of its products, sampling procedures and contacts at CERELAB; 


– The Monthly Management Report accompanied by Evaluation and Trend Charts with statistical data of the monitoring performed;


– Targeted training;


– Collection table;


Also, access to the 100% Online Portal to further facilitate and expedite your shipping routine and sampling control.